DM Properties

If you can dream it, you can do it!

About us


We believe that that the wishes and desires of the user should be central in order to achieve viable projects.Good projects are realised through cooperation between parties who understand the art of pursuing a common goal from the very first moment.

We are inspired by clients who dare to realise real estate in this way. It is through cooperation between different disciplines that new solutions arise. Expertise alone is no longer enough! Thorough analysis, formulating creative but feasible solutions, and bringing the right parties together are the real values behind successful developments.



D&M is a specialised plan developer and advisor since 2006. The company originated from the ideas of some real estate directors and senior advisors and is led by Heine van Nieuwenhuijze.


We are a valuable partner because we bind parties and create social added value and profitable investments.


The built environment has a great influence on the well-being of people and the functioning of society. Therefore, D&M wants to contribute to an environment in which meeting, developing, experiencing, and feeling safe are central.

For a project to succeed, intensive cooperation between all stakeholders and input of the required knowledge is necessary.

New developments arise at the border of knowledge areas. This requires the initiation of a dialogue. Only then can we arrive at supported solutions and new applications. D&M works with teams in which knowledge, experience, drive and ambition come together to realise a common goal. The competence to provide insight, to formulate creative solutions and to bring the necessary parties together are the real values behind successful developments.


Our goal is to create social and financial added value by realising real estate projects together with our partners.


Our clients come from all ranks of the real estate sector. The available expertise can be used in many situations. Practice has shown that this is frequently used.


The company cannot function without safeguarding its integrity and that of its clients. Trust is the basis for every lasting relationship. This means that D&M never accepted assignments or initiatives developed that could damage the interests of a client.


Way of Working

The way D&M Properties works distinguishes itself:

  • From the first idea. Because we are, like no other, capable of translate ideas into scenarios and their feasibility. On that basis we set the goal and the frameworks before there is a design.
  • True the process. Because we base every decision on a clear consideration of time, money and quality.




Our knowledge, experience and ambition create new insights. Add the tenacity needed to bring real estate processes to a successful conclusion, and a distinctive culture is born. This applies to the individual employee, but also to the company as a whole.




D&M Properties has no obligations to other companies in the sector. Because of this independence, the company is free to select the most suitable partners each time.


An important strategic partner is Reasult bv from Ede ( They are market leader in the field of real estate software. As one of the selected partners, we are authorised to use their calculation models for external assignments. If required, Reasult planners are available to contribute their knowledge to D&M projects.