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Real estate management

Project managers and interim managers are the professionals who understand the profession, and have the personality to manage the people and processes needed for it. They are not always available within every organisation. D&M Properties is able to add this competence to your organisation for a shorter or longer period of time. This includes interim management as well as the control of your project(s). 





Large-scale developments need to be managed on another scale.

Often it concerns (re)development areas where several projects are set up simultaneously and over a long period of time. In this type of development, programme management is an important steering mechanism. The programme manager is - on behalf of the clients - the director of the development. The programme team brings together essential knowledge in the field of urban development, urban models, finance and planning. The programme manager is the point of contact for the various development managers and reports to the principal(s) at policy level.

The development manager takes care of the development from the location, the initial idea to the ready-to-use delivery.

The development manager has a mandate from the client and is fully responsible for the end result including on-time delivery and finances. D&M has the right development manager for your project.

In a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), a public and a private party formulate joint objectives and put together a project team with the task of realising the joint objectives. Working in a PPP requires special knowledge and experience. Especially the right management of a PPP contributes greatly to its success. D&M has extensive experience in managing PPP projects.

A project is characterised by a defined task and a planning period with a clear end.

A project manager can put together a temporary organisation, is goal-oriented and has a strong focus on the end result. Leading projects requires a certain type of person and the right supporting means and systems. These are the people who give D&M a face and who are eager to work on your projects.

Business planning is about the business process and the management measures (time, quality, organisation, information) needed for it. Companies with a consistent strategy are demonstrably more successful than their goal-oriented counterparts. How do you as management formulate a valuable strategy and how can you make this strategy resonate in your company? The abstraction of a strategy is far removed from daily reality. That is why companies often get no further than nicely formulated generalities. D&M Properties formulates together with you a strategy that fits the identity of the organisation. Then we make the strategy ‘tangible’ for you and all your staff members, up to every workplace.

Real estate projects have a major impact on a company's operations, and real estate risk management can manage this.

Property risk management still receives too little attention. At the same time, laws and regulations are become increasingly stringent. This calls for considerable development in this area. Once there is a clear picture of the risk profile of the company or activity, risks can be managed effectively. Risk management at D&M Properties starts at project level, but our expertise extends from area operations and property portfolios, to results at company level. Early and careful identification of risks provides insight into their significance and almost always creates an immediate picture of how the risks can be made manageable. This has often resulted in the elimination or transfer of significant risks.

Sometimes an abrupt change in the structure or working method of an organisation is necessary. In such cases, the right people are not always available. It may even be desirable to have major changes supervised in order to make it easier to cope with the extra effort this requires.

When the best option is to temporarily outsource the management of an organisation or department, interim management is the way to go.
The interim manager must be able to quickly assimilate the prevailing culture, know the field and have the experience to lead an organisation. It is not for nothing that this type of manager is thin on the ground. When it comes to real estate organisations, D&M has the some good candidates in its network. With one phone call you know if the right candidate is available.