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Project "The Warehouse" in the lower town of Nijmegen is ready. More than two years the development has been filmed at this historic spot.

Curious about the project? Watch the trailer about the construction of "The Warehouse". You will find a link to the full docu at the end of the trailer.




““Realising real estate is building the future!”


D&M develops, advises, and invests together with its partners, always with the user in mind.

Our work is successful if it turns out that the chosen solutions have value for society. This does not only mean the realisation of a building, but especially its successful integration in the structure of the city or an addition to the character of the landscape. 

D&M is excellent in assessing projects and making them feasible, and in leading the processes and organisations that bring these projects to fruition. We do this for companies, governments, institutions and corporations. 


We are active in three fields: Real estate advice, Plan development & Real estate management 



Advice on all aspects of the feasibility of real estate projects and accompanies the necessary processes.


Expertise: Investment analysis, Feasibility analysis, Scenario calculations, Foundation cost structure, Cost price analysis, Yield analysis, Budgeting, Land value calculations, Risk analysis 


Plan development

Development of concepts and projects with a human dimension, fitting in their surroundings and with a contemporary look. D&M Properties is a delegated developer who stands for the interest of her clients.


Expertise: Concept development, Cost/benefit analysis, Task calculation and budgeting, Budget guarantee, Financing constructions

Real estate management

Directing projects and company parts. D&M Properties is able to add this competence to your organisation for a shorter or longer period.

Expertise: Programme management, Development management, Public Private Partnerships, Project management, Business planning, Risk management, Turn-around of project organisations, Interim management of real estate companies.




We are a valuable partner. Get in touch with us. Do you have questions about one of our activities? Use the contact details below to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer your questions.