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We need men who can dream of things that never were.

Plan development

D&M Properties is a delegated developer that stands for the interests of its customers. We are willing to make our fee dependent on achieving results. Our experience has proven to be particularly valuable in the (re)development of complex tasks such as social real estate, cultural heritage, industrial buildings and scenic valuable areas and sites.

We development projects with a human dimension. The attention for the right concept of a project, the integration of the location in its environment and the spirit of time is what distinguishes us from the mediocre. 

D&M develops many projects by order of third parties. Therefore, the company has up-to-date knowledge of real estate concepts and sustainability measures.


The first gas-free recreation park in the Netherlands



This is the most creative phase of a project. There are no limitations yet and the imagination is given free rein.

A good concept is the first confrontation between design, functions demanded by the market and financial feasibility. In this phase, 'wild plans' are conceived and considered. Unfortunately, most of them are rejected. But the project team must give each idea space and weighing up each plan fairly. This requires special people and special expertise. D&M is able to weigh concepts like no other and think along with the possibilities.

In a cost-benefit analysis, the project is broken down and budgeted in terms of costs and revenues. It is important to identify all costs. D&M's method ensures that no costs are forgotten, but also that all income opportunities are quantified. This analysis forms the basis for a feasible project.

An investment decision often marks the start of a project.In this phase, the project team is expanded to include executive expertise and the implementation contracts are drawn up. The work and costs increase exponentially. To keep the process manageable, clear and defined budgets are needed. D&M sets these budgets, clearly indicating the demarcation between the various activities. In this way a project can be realized within the financial targets.

To exclude the risk of budget overrun, it is possible to agree a guarantee at an early stage. With a budget guarantee the budget is set and any overrun is for the account of D&M and its partners.

Real estate projects require large investments that can rarely be financed solely with own capital or a single loan.

Determining the capital requirement and matching it with the most favourable financing method requires detailed insight into the project. D&M's approach and calculation models are designed in such a way that financing methods are directly linked to project data. This gives a better insight into the possibilities, and generates appreciation and confidence at banks.